Daily Devotional

Prepare for the Last Days

_______ June 4 ______



If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him! __Luke 11:13__

To His Son the Father has committed all judgment. To prepare Himself to be the Judge of all the world, Christ endured the hardships and trials of man-kind, suffering in all points like as we suffer, thus familiarizing Himself with the power of Satan’s temptations. …

Accurately recorded in the books of heaven are the sneers and trivial re-marks made by sinners who pay no heed to the call of mercy when Christ represented to them by a servant of God. As the artist takes on the polished glass a true picture of the human face, so God daily places upon the books of heaven an exact representation of the character of every individual. (Manuscript 105, September 28, 1901)

Church members need to fast and pray, striving earnestly to overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony. Not one particle of Sodomitish impurity will escape the wrath of God at the execution of the judgment. Those who do not repent and forsake all uncleanness will fall with the wicked. Those who become members of the royal family and [who] form God’s kingdom in the earth made new, will be saints, not sinners. Isaiah 30:1-3, 8-16.

Those who have had great light and have disregarded it stand in a worse position than those who have not been given so many advantages. They ex-alt themselves but not the Lord. The punishment inflicted on human beings will in every case be proportionate to the dishonor they have brought on God. Many by a course of self-indulgence have put Christ to open shame. (Letter 159, November 3, 1901)


We all need the Holy Spirit. “He will guide us into all truth” and re¬pentance. (See Acts 2:38; John 16:13.) When we as a church fast and pray, asking for the Holy Spirit, God has promised to send Him to us. (See Luke 11:13.)