Daily Devotional

Prepare for the Last Days

_______ February 27______



Come, for all things are now ready.

__Luke 14:17__

It is now as it was when the message was given in Noah’s day, and the invitation went forth for all who would to enter the ark. We know not how soon the last message of warning may be given and our cases fixed for eternity. There was hope for all the inhabitants of the Noachic world to enter the ark 1:).. fore the door was closed.


After it was closed, those who entered were severely tried, for they were in the ark a full week before the rain came. 0, what fearful scoffing and mocking and defiance of God there was by those who had refused to enter! But after the week ended, the rain began to fall gently. This was a new thing. The rain con¬tinued until every living thing was destroyed from the face of the earth. But one family—the family that entered the ark—was saved.

We need to be prepared for the closing scenes of this earth’s history. Let all search their own hearts diligently, and be converted, that their sins may be pardoned. The world is becoming more and more decidedly opposed to God and the truth of God. All who will do the will of God will be successful in obtaining knowledge, and their experience will be valuable. We must now prepare to do a great work in a short time. We must have an individual experience. …

I have been weighed down as I have thought of the situation of those who have had such great light, and yet have gone steadily on step by step in rejection of light (Letter 84, February 1Z 1906)


Those in Noah’s day had plenty of time to get on the ark and were given countless warnings. But, after a while, the door of opportunity was closed. If we as Gods last-day people follow the same course and neglect God’s warnings, we will also find the door of opportunity closed.