Daily Devotional

Prepare for the Last Days

_______ May 29 ______


Many will say to Me in that day, “Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name? __—Matthew 7:22__

Fallen men and fallen angels are sure to join in desperate companionship. He who fell because of apostasy works constantly against goodness and obedience. He is leagued with those who refuse to keep God’s law. In the day of judgment all this opens up before the impenitent. Scene after scene passes before them. As plainly as in the light of the noon-day sun, they all see what they might have been had they cooperated with God instead of opposing Him.

The picture cannot be changed. Their cases are forever decided. They must perish with the one whose ways and works they followed.

There are men, in the church and in the world, who have educated themselves to practice fraud, and for this they will be brought into judgment … men have cho¬sen to stand, not under the blood stained banner of Prince Immanuel, but under the rebel flag to do the works of a rebellious prince. They may have sold their souls for money. They may have taken their Lord’s money to purchase wheat and the facilities whereby poor men live, that they may extort from the Lord’s creatures the highest prices. They make for themselves princely fortunes.

A flash of light will come to all lost souls. They will see clearly the mystery of godliness, which during their lifetime they despised and hated. And the fallen angels, endowed with higher intelligence than man, will realize what they have done in using their powers to lead human beings to choose deception and false¬hood. All who have united with the deceiver, all who have learned his ways and practiced his deceptions, must perish with him … The Lord Jesus looks pityingly upon them and says, “Depart.”(Manuscript 3Z, July 8, 1990)

When the redeemed stand before the throne of God to answer to their names, there will be precious souls there who will respond because of the faithful, pa-tient efforts made in their behalf, the entreaties and urgent persuasion to flee to the stronghold. Thus those who are laborers together with God will receive their reward.(Letter 74, May 20, 1990)


No amount of fame or money, or any kind of worldly gain, will be worth hearing those words: “I never knew you; depart from Me” (Matthew 7:23).