Daily Devotional

Prepare for the Last Days

_______ April 15 ______


Prophecy never came by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. __2 Peter 1:21__

[God’s] message was not thus written out, when the pioneers in the faith shall die, there will be many new in the faith who would sometimes accept as messages of truth teachings that contain erroneous sentiments and dangerous fallacies, Sometimes that which men teach as “special light” is in reality specious error, … And errors of this sort will be entertained will by some until the close of this earth’s history. …

The seductive fallacies of Satan undermined confidence in the true pillars of the faith, which are grounded on Bible evidence.

Truth is sustained by a plain “Thus saith the Lord”. But there has been a weaving of error, and the use of scriptures out of their natural connection, in order to substantiate fallacies, which would deceive, if possible, the every elect. …

Throughout the world, satanic science will become stronger and more fully developed, from this time henceforth until Christ rises from His throne and puts on the garments of vengeance. …

If we accept not the truth in the love of it, we may be among the number who will see the miracles wrought by Satan in these last days and believe them. Many strange things will appear as wonderful miracles, which should be regarded as deceptions manufactured by the father of lies. (Letter 136, April 27, 1906)


The Bible was designed to be a guide to all who wish to become acquainted with the will of their Maker. God gave to men the sure word of prophecy; angels and even Christ Himself came to make known to Daniel and John the things that must shortly come to pass. Those important matters that concern our salvation were not left involved in mystery. They were not revealed in such a way as to perplex and mislead the honest seeker after truth. (The Great Controversy, 521)