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The CORE Ministries

The COREMinistries.org was founded by former 1000 Missionary Movement senior missionaries who believe that missionaries must do their part in giving the trumpet a sound and unite with the proclamation of the Gospel to spread the Three-Angels Message and be a part of the Loud Cry as prophesied in the book of Revelation.

Mondigo, Monalissa


Jangit, Ralf

Associate Chairperson

Blaza, Marivic

Chair, Engagement and Records

Naparate, Jonabelle

Assoc. Chair, Engagement and Records

Paradero, Psyche

Assoc. Chair, Engagement And Records

Alum, Gela May

Chair, Finance and Philanthrophy

Montalban, Florence Gay

Assoc. Chair, Finance and Philanthropy

Selibio, Wilbert

Chair, Publication and Promotions

Paradero, Jigg

Assoc. Chair, Publication And Promotions

Beloy, Jonathan


Fadollone, Ephravil


Hetland, Jane